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Pay Deposit now, final payment by August 31st

Harmony Dawn ​Retreat Centre


Investment: ($550 Tax included)

($700 after August 15th 2023)

6 Meals, 4 Yoga Classes,

2 Stretch/Massage Workshops & Welcome Gift Bag

Shared Bunk Rooms and Loft Space Available



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The chef

Meet Nicola! Nicola has had a life-long passion for ​food and cooking going back to her childhood. ​She has worked in the food industry, had her own ​catering company and now has found the perfect ​outlet for her food passion and knowledge as ​Chef of Harmony Dawn. Her cuisine encompasses ​international cooking from across the planet as ​well as specialty diets including lacto-vegetarian, ​vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, macrobiotic and ​more. She is a passionate advocate for fresh, local ​and organic food whenever possible. At HD they ​grow a selected variety of organic herbs and ​vegetables and have access to a wider variety ​within the local organic farming community.

Nicola’s recipes have led to two best-selling Harmony Dawn cookbooks – The Dao of Harmony ​Dawn: Innovative and Acclaimed Spa Cuisine and Eco- Harmony Dawn Cooking: Balancing Your ​Internal and External Environments. Your host, Stephanie, personally owns these books and fell ​in love with Nicola's incredible culinary skills. Prepare for the most delicious meals.

Your Host

Meet Stephanie, the owner of Hamont Yoga.

Stephanie teaches from the heart, offering an ​inclusive and supportive environment for all. She ​invites her students to listen to their inner guides, ​moving in ways that feel good in their bodies exclusively.

Stephanie is also a Level 2 Performance Stretch System practitioner, offering Assisted Stretch services in Hamilton, ON.

Stephanie cannot wait to be back at

Harmony Dawn with you all.

Have a question? Want to chat with

Stephanie? Please reach out!

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(905) 902-7833


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